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2012 Mission

Follow the journey to my 2012 Olympic quest.


End of a chapter

Last Friday was supposed to be the date of my surgery. I did not get surgery. I have decided to give up swimming competitively.

This was one of, and still is one of the most emotional decisions of my life. The orthopedic surgeon told me that because of the type and severity of the injury, I would not be able to handle a full load of training for 6 months. With that I talked it over with my coach and we came to a conclusion.

I cannot expect to be one of the top six 100 freestylers in the country with the amount of improvement I would need and only have about 5 months of training. I had the option to keep swimming and maybe make a semi-final or something at the trials. But now, even that is a little far fetched.

I came to Charlotte to make an Olympic team, period. Yes I have had other great experiences and I’m going to miss swimming and my teammates but at the end of the day, the reason for me moving down here is gone. I will not go through a season of frustration and disappointment knowing that I could be a lot better if…

I believe that God has a plan and I believe his plan is that now is the time to hang up the goggles and move on with my life.

I will be moving to Indianapolis to pursue my professional career. I have been offered a graduate assistant position at Butler University. I also have many contacts with club teams in the area. I now have an opportunity to have an effect on others though a different medium.

After all is said and done, I am confident that I have made the correct decision and I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Swimming is and will continue to be a big part of my life, and I am grateful for the wonderful experiences it has given me.

Thank you to everyone for your support.


Surgery Scheduled

Its official that I have a torn labrum in my left shoulder. The MRI came back positive and the doctors were very certain of what they saw. I have what is called a SLAP tear.

It was a difficult decision wether or not to get the surgery. I have been trying to rehab and build up the shoulder the past 3 weeks or so to try and swim with it but I was compensating too much during my workouts. I decided that I have a better chance of swimming fast as the Olympic Trials if I have the surgery now, rehab it and train for maybe 6 months than if I did not have the surgery and compensate for the injury every day.

The surgery is scheduled for July 8th.

Go Bucks

MRI 6/21

Today I didn’t work out but instead I got an MRI on my shoulder. I was injected with this dye first in order to see a better picture and because of that I cannot work out for another 24 hours.

My shoulder has been feeling a little bit better but every time I try and push it a little bit it just fights back. Its really frustrating.

I will know the results of the MRI on Thursday and we (doctors, coaches, physical therapists) will discuss the best plan of action.

Go Bucks

Update 6/13

Well this has been a crazy few weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove a little bit. I just went back to Columbus this past weekend for my girlfriend Jessica’s graduation. It was awesome to see her again, as usual. I’m so proud of her and what she accomplished!

As far as my swimming goes. I took this weekend as an opportunity for my shoulder to recover from the rehab I have been doing and rest it up pretty good. It felt great at the start of practice but as practice wore on, the pain kept getting worse and worse. Its getting pretty frustrating not being able to “swim”. I’m still doing a lot of kicking and leg work so I will be able to improve that.

I have decided to get an MRI, haven’t scheduled it yet, and see if I can get some stronger meds/ treatment to be able to deal with the shoulder. I only have about a year until Olympic trials and I can’t afford to take half of it off recovering from a shoulder surgery (if I find out I might need that)

Go Bucks

Update 6/6

So I’ve only been kicking for the past couple of weeks or so. I haven’t gotten an MRI to confirm but I had two opinions and they both think I have a torn labrum. I can’t really swim freestyle, there is too much pain. Backstroke isn’t as bad but there is still a lot of pain with it.

I have been getting a lot of treatment done with the folks at Architec Sports. Alan Tyson is our team PT and he has me going through a series of daily strengthening, stretching, massage and foam rolling routines to try and support the shoulder the best we can. He said it can possible be swum with but I’m going to have to really be tedious on my rehab and stuff.

I’m not sure what to make of everything. I have a “Go Bucks” type of attitude (for lack of a better term) It really stinks just kicking and knowing that I don’t have a lot of time or many more opportunities to get better. My kicking however has been mediocre at best so this is a good opportunity to turn my “weakness” into a strength.

I’ll try and keep everyone more updated, I realize I’ve been slacking a bit.

Go Bucks

Update 6/1 Bad Shoulder

So last week sometime I really tweaked my shoulder pretty good, more than I ever have in the past. I’m not really sure how exactly it happened, but it was probably a combination of a lot of things. Anyway since then I’ve basically just been kicking.

I got evaluated yesterday by our team PT and I have bursitis, something wrong with my labrum and then also some AC joint inflammation. He said that I have a lot of imbalances in my shoulder as far as flexibility. I stretch all of the time but there has been an area that I never really hit. Now to get those spots I have to do a lot of foam rolling and massage. So I’ll be getting work done at least 3 times a week until it is back to 100 percent.

As far as practices go, I’ve been doing fairly well just kicking. It might actually be a blessing in disguise since I’m a very average kicker and this will give me a chance to really focus on turning a “weakness” into a strength.

Go Bucks


A new week 5/23

Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog as consistently. I now coach a 9 and 10 year old group for SwimMAC so I don’t get back home until fairly late.

Today we swam outside at Moss Creek in the morning! I love swimming outside. I didn’t get to do it much in Ohio so this is really nice.

Morning workout was a typical Monday morning, long aerobic and stroke set up.

Our afternoon workout was more focused on really honing in on great technique and being able to do that with added speed. My main set was:

3x through:

4x 100 swim, last 25 underwater @ :10 rest
4x 25 at 100 pace, with future preferred stroke. @ own rest
2x 35 fast turns

In between each set we did another set. One was hypoxic pulling, another was parachute work, and another was stretch cord work.

Go Bucks